Friday, September 4, 2009

Bend Oregon Photos - Mt. Washington Dr.

Bend Oregon Photos - Bend in September

Ah, September in Central Oregon... the air crispens to a nice cool temp, the tourists start to depart back to their homesteads and off of our local roadways, and the skater children go back to school... flat billed hats, long unruly hair, and all. Really, it's a nice time of year. Still sunny, but things start to slow a little. It's a pace I like.
The photograph above is taken from a spot off of Mt. Washington drive. There are some trails here and pretty neat views. The foot traffic is light, and I think it's one Bend Oregon's lesser known spots. This shot is of the trail.

In this picture (above), you can see Bend from a bird's eye view. Notice the Old Mill smokes stack, dwarfed, off in the distance? You can see more of the West side from this spot.

This photograph is from a few feet down the trail. It's still off to the same side as the last. From here you can spot Pilot Butte rising up from Bend's landscape.

More Photos:

These next two (below), were shots from the same spot I was at. I kind of liked the landscape and tried to capture some interesting shots from different angles. The first was of a large rock laying in the sage. The second, some yellow wildflowers (or weeds) in front of a large stone. The darkness of the stone worked well to accent the yellow on the buds of the plant.

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